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"[Avo] has been a joy to work with. I have been highly impressed with Jenifer's passion for understanding and professional growth coupled with a commitment to delivering quality solutions and services to the [Global] Education market. One of her key aptitudes that has impressed me the most is to tackle challenges head on, with a clear line of though and communication. I look forward to working with her again in the future and I strongly believe that Jenifer is a true asset to any team."

Helen, Director, Partner Ecosystem for Education Solutions


“I would enthusiastically recommend Avo Solutions. Jenifer was critical to the early implementation of the Department of Water Resources (DWR) Safety System. She was central to the delivery of Safety Leadership training and the initial and ongoing assessment of DWR leadership’s readiness to develop a world class safety system. Working with Public Affairs she contributed greatly to the development and rollout of the Safety System Campaign to publicize the Safety System to DWR management and employees and developed a maturity and gap assessment to track success of the rollout. In this, she developed communication strategies to remove barriers and drive acceptance of the Safety System at all levels of the organization. She developed charters for the DWR Safety Committee and Division/Office Subcommittees to identify roles and responsibilities and remove gaps and redundancies. I strongly encourage you to consider Avo Solutions for similar services.” 

Michael Donlon, Safety Manager, State of California, Department of

Water Resources.


“Jenifer is one of the most critical staff working on the Department of Water Resource’s Environmental Compliance Program. She has impeccable work ethic and a unique skill set that makes her quite irreplaceable as a resource to DWR. Her knowledge of project and program management are relied upon heavily by her clients in this Department. Jenifer is a consistent high performer and a dedicated team player in overseeing and completing any task that she is given. The attention to detail and ability to work well with others has earned her the respect of management and peers from both DWR and her consultant colleagues. I have worked with her on several projects throughout the years and have always been impressed with her diligence and the quality of the work she does.”

Laura Flournoy, Environmental Services Program Manager, State of California, Department of Water Resources


“Thank you for jumping on board with this project so quickly, and for knocking it out of the park for this client! Your warmth, authenticity, and incredible way of synthesizing complex information into digestible and an easily understood format is amazing. Looking forward to more opportunities to partner in the future!”

Heather McGowen, President, Sounding Board Marketing & Communications