Remove Development Barriers Impacting Bottom-line

Updated: Mar 1, 2018

Industry: Non-Profit Social Welfare / Membership Organization

Program Sponsor: CIO

Target Audience: System Administrators, IT Managers

Target Audience #: <100


Client’s antiquated organizational bylaws were limiting their ability to hire technical staffing. In response to bylaws, technical staff was outsourced to third-party contracts.

Business Challenge:

Third-party jobs were along the employee’s development path, impacting employee promotions. Annual merit increases created over-compensated employees. Promotions were blocked as higher-grade jobs were filled by third-party contractors.

Avo's Solution:

Architect of System Administrator cross-training program applying organizational learning best practices, process re-engineering, communications, training and support, tracking and reporting, and organizational change management.

Business Impact:

Internal rate of return (IRR) of 66%.

Increased management and employee morale.

Increased inter-departmental collaboration and peer-to-peer coaching.

Increased employee job satisfaction scores.

Increased organization’s buy-in on learner-centric, customized programs.