Increase Enterprise 2.0 Sales & Stickiness

Industry: Multinational Technology Company

Program Sponsor: VP of Consulting

Target Audience: Sales Team, Enterprise 2.0 Consultants

Target Audience #: < 100


Enterprise 2.0 implementations are robust. Implementation teams need Technical and Collaboration consultants. Collaboration consultants focus on educating client’s on “what is possible” and identify an implementation plan that focused on business impact (versus technology roll-out).

Business Challenge:

Sales Team was not achieving their consulting quotas on Enterprise 2.0.

Existing Enterprise 2.0 clients were not satisfied with their implementations, business value was not measurable / tangible, and Enterprise 2.0 technology was too disruptive to process.

Company was facing low Customer Satisfaction Scores and an increase in churn rate.

Educating the Enterprise 2.0 clients on the complexities of an implementation and not creating a barrier to the sale was a key focus to this project.

Avo's Solution:

Architect of Forecasted ROI Calculator that Consultants used during the sales process to identify tangible business value. Calculator was populated with current performance objectives that were optimized and monetized to forecast ROI.

Architect of Collaboration Readiness Assessment that Consultants administered during the sales process to identify “what is possible”. Assessment was populated with Enterprise 2.0 topics and assigned two data points by the client (maturity and acceptance). Data points were mapped and analyzed by an Consultant, who then presented potential business impact and optional consulting services engagements.

Business Impact:

Increased collaboration with Sales and Consultants.

Increased understanding of Enterprise 2.0’s complexities.

Increased understanding of the risk of not achieving a positive business impact and ROI.

Increased quality of engagement scoping.

Increased awareness of the quality of services provided to clients.

Increased trust with Technology Company and client.

Increased quality and quantity of Enterprise 2.0 case studies.