Planning for Teacher / Trainer Shortage

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

Industry: Government

Program Sponsor: Office of the Prime Minister

Target Audience: Government Sponsored Classes / Courses

Target Audience #: >2,000


Integrating technology into traditional training requires intentional planning to ensure a quality learning experience. Blended learning increases planning costs but provides scaling and cost savings over time.

Business Challenge:

European government anticipated a shortage in Higher Education teachers and Higher Education budget. Explored various scenarios of using technology (blended learning) to address the gap.

Avo's Solution:

Architect of training vs. blended learning calculator which integrates client’s actual training costs to generate various scenarios for analysis.

Business Impact:

Increased client’s understanding of traditional training costs.

Increased client’s understanding of blended learning costs.

Increased viability of feasibility phase.

Increased visibility into program’s benefits and risks.