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When I founded Avo Solutions in 2011, I loved consulting—but I wanted to build something very different from the massive, all-consuming engine of big consulting firms. I’ve always loved working with clients, even when I was rolling out software upgrades way back in 1996. The optimistic energy of the client team made me feel we could accomplish anything. I came to learn that providing the expertise and structure needed to turn this energy into momentum was one of the most important roles of a consultant. 

Over the years, I developed a toolkit for supporting clients at every step of an implementation. Each project made me a better, quicker, more agile consultant. I learned that, while each program objective is unique, how people face change is a constant—it’s hard for everyone. I realized the need to incorporate two components often lacking in typical implementations: genuine understanding of the organization and people and the use of meaningful measurements to track successes.

​​With Avo, I use these two core principles to support transformational change, getting under the hood to see what makes each organization tick. We talk openly about program barriers and how to address them. And I get to share incremental wins with project team and stakeholders, helping to cement commitment and sustain critical momentum.

​Every program and every team brings unique challenges. But I relish the successes, from early wins to key milestones. And when your project crosses the finish line, we will celebrate your success together.

Change Management Consultation Firm Consultant
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